Wednesday, September 24, 2008


These are stray things I feel like posting, but didn't know how to (or possibly I'm just too tired to) string them all together in a connected blog post. So, I'm just going to say them, list style.

#1: Someday I want to live in a house with trees in the yard and a front porch, preferably with a porch swing.

#2: Today I saw three people on unicycles, all at different times of the day.

#3: Today I also saw a perfectly normal looking man walking down the street - perfectly normal looking excepting the fact that he had angel wings pinned to his back. Hm.

#4: Today I almost got hit by a car. I could have died! But I didn't.

#5: My room smells like Thanksgiving right now (I attribute it to the Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie candles I have burning.) It's very nice. I didn't intend on including this one in my list when I started this post, but I think it was worth mentioning.


Autie Carlisle said...

About changing my name, I haven't been able to yet (darn pastor Ray), but it is kinda weird.
Also, nice random thoughts- Tim and I were talking about where he wants to live. If anywhere was an option. He's never thought like that, like "before I die I want to..." strange. I have a bizillion of those thoughts! Tim almost got hit by a car 2 days ago too, i'm glad you both are alive to talk about where you want to live! Now you made me want pumkin pie.

Jill said...

Mmmm. Thanksgiving sounds nice. Are you going to be home for it? We are this year!! That's weird that you saw 3 unicycles in one day. And the angel wing guy.