Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Don't Want to Grow Up... Sometimes...

I recently spent an evening with two of my very best friends - and their baby girl. Instead of goofing off and wasting time and watching movies and tv and playing video games, or doing puzzles, or making brownies at midnight or any of the things we used to do before we had to schedule time to hang out, we just sat in the living room and talked about kids and politics. I also heard about the mom's Bible study my friend is starting. Kids and politics are interesting enough, and it's awesome Char is starting a Bible study for new moms, but sometimes I don't want to grow up. Somewhere in between the story about how Char forgot the diapers one day and discussing McCain's campaign strategy, it hit me how much things have changed.

However -

that night Angelina learned how to say my name. She kept coming up to me, or pointing to me and saying "Hi! Hi Tay Tay." That was pretty awesome. I also got to see Lina dance with her daddy in the living room, which I later learned was a rare privilege. It was fun. So I do love kids and I do like politics, and I generally like Bible studies. Every once in a while I just don't feel that old, that's all.


Autie Carlisle said...

Man, "growing up" has been the theme of the night. Tim and I watched an episode of scrubs all about Turk telling JD to "grow up" and what that meant, not to stop being kid like, but to be responsible. I kinda email firmly talked to one of my other friends tonight, telling her to grow up in my own ways. huh... tay tay, that's cute. Go lina.

Autie Carlisle said...

KK- Thanks for your encouragement on my blog about marriage. The thing that triggered it was Jeff's blog that I went to via your blog site. You're right though, thanks again.
I hope your first 2 days of school have been great! I miss you. Can't wait to see you around the 19th.