Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In the Company of the Archangels...

I saw a picture of the ocean today. And I wanted to go. I wanted the sand on my feet and the wet salty embrace of the wind on my face. What is so intriguing about the ocean? In the spirit of my longing for the ocean, this is one of my favorite descriptions of the sea, enjoy.

"...on the other side extended a long, curving beach of red cliffs, rising steeply from the pebbled coves. It was a shore that knew the magic and mystery of storm and star. There is a great solitude about such a shore. The woods are never solitary - they are full of whispering, beckoning, friendly life. But the sea is a mighty soul, forever moaning of some great, unshareable sorrow, which shuts it up into itself for all eternity. We can never pierce its infinite mystery - we may only wander, awe and spell-bound, on the outer fringe of it. The woods call to us with a hundred voices, but the sea has one only - a mighty voice that drowns our souls in its majestic music. The woods are human, but the sea is of the company of the archangels."
From Anne's House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery

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