Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Just Called To Say I Have To Go

I could probably create a separate blog about things my mom does that make me laugh really hard. For now though, I'll just enlighten you with this one thing she's done to me several times in the recent weeks.

My phone rings.
"Yeah, hi mom. What's up?"
"Um, well, can you hang on a second, honey?"
At this point I usually hear something going on in the background. Another phone ringing, JB yelling, Emily or Ellie asking questions as they rush out the door, etc.
"Karen, I'm sorry, I just don't have time to talk right now."
"I promise I'll call you later."
"OK mom, that's fine."

My dad said she called me a few times while they were moving furniture around. She had me on speakerphone, and was yelling across the room that she couldn't talk right then. Do I really need to say it? If you can't talk, why did you call me in the first place, mom??

1 comment:

Randall said...

Whenever I hear a funny story about your mom, I always think "I have a serial number, stuck in my ear."